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The Devil is a Sophist

Aristotle’s doctrine of Reasoning was at the core of Christian education throughout the Middle Ages, which many call the “Age of Faith”.  After the anti-Catholic Francis Bacon founded what is known as “Inductive Philosophy”, which developed into what we now call the “Scientific Method”, the study of Aristotle was abandoned by Christian schools and universities.  That should be of concern to us, since the devil is a sophist, as St. Ignatius of Loyola explains:

“It belongs to the enemy to fight against joy and spiritual consolation, bringing forward pretended reasons, sophistries, and perpetual fallacies.”

Thus, our minds will be subject to attacks from the devil that are nothing more than false arguments.  Training in the arts of reasoning is not a mere academic exercise, but one that protects our souls in moments of temptation.

This is the aim of the CLAA’s Classical Reasoning courses and why we take them so seriously.


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