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In a secularized, materialistic society such as the one we live in, it is very difficult for students to understand what is sought in true Philosophy.  We must, first, separate ancient Philosophy from what is studied and taught in modern schools and universities under the same name.

In fact, modern “Philosophy” courses offer exactly what the ancient philosophers taught should not be sought.  For example, in his treatise on Moral Philosophy, Aristotle warns:

This present treatise is not for the sake of theory, that we may know what “virtue” is, but that we may become good men, since otherwise no advantage would be gained from it.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we do not study Philosophy to know all of the different teachings of all of the different philosophers as modern schools do.  We seek to master true Philosophy and order our lives according to it.

The Divisions of Philosophy

To understand the objectives of true philosophy, we do not look to modern academia but to St. Thomas Aquinans, the Angelic Doctor of the Catholic Church.




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