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Private Classical Instruction


William Michael, Headmaster

Dear friends,

I was a boy born into a working-class family, was baptized in the Catholic Church and sent to public school.  I was sent to CCD on Wednesdays after school and never attended Mass.  I received First Communion and was never brought to Church again.  As a public school student, I was constantly told that I had intellectual gifts, and I sat in honors classes with no idea what I was doing in life.  I played sports and used my wit to make jokes and goof around.  When I was 18, I went to college, having no idea why or what I was doing.  It was at that time that I had a conversion experience and desired to be a Christian.   I prayed for Wisdom and promised God that I would serve Him with my whole life.

I paid for my own college education as I studied, preparing successfully for medical school when, as a senior, I had another time of conversion.  I realized that I was only interested in medical school for money and, beneath a facade of Christian activity, had no aim in  life other than pleasure.  I was led at that time, as St. Augustine was, to seek God through classical philosophy, particularly the moral writings of the Stoics–Seneca and Epictetus.  Those studies led me on a long journey into educational research, where I was seeking to understand the history of education for my own self-education, and into teaching.  Eventually, my studies and teaching led me back into the Catholic Church in 2005.

From 2000 until 2008, I taught Classics in private schools until founding the Classical Liberal Arts Academy (C.L.A.A.) to “research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts curriculum”.  I asked the Church for permission to undertake this work and received strong encouragement.  I have been immersed in research and publishing since then, and have enjoyed great success, but in 2017, I am turning my full attention to the last part of that mission:  teaching the classical liberal arts to Catholic students.

I understand where Catholic children are today, and the difficult challenges they face.  I understand the mistakes they make in ignorance and the timidity they feel as a result of confusion that is within them.  I understand that, behind a facade of fun and idle misbehavior, there are many serious souls that desire to be good and wise, who simply need an opportunity.  I understand that some children, living in good Catholic families, desire to be wise like the saints, and, likewise, need an opportunity.  I understand that modern schools and colleges often offer nothing helpful to these individuals and it’s for their sake that I do what I do: to give them that opportunity.

I offer instruction in the Catholic faith and classical liberal arts to Catholic students who want it for $100 per month per subject.   I do not hire people to work with the students–I work with them myself because this is serious business.  I provide all study materials, meet with students using our video conference tools for 30-60 min every week (per subject), and provide instruction and assignments for them to complete.  During the week, I communicate with the students any time they need help in any part of their studies.  Each week, I assess the students’ work from the previous week and introduce him to the next week’s lessons.  We continue like this through each subject, integrating our knowledge of each subject into our Catholic lives and moving on to greater studies.  I also invite boys to stay with my family and study with me privately if that would be helpful for them.

If you are interested in enrolling a student for private instruction, whether from your home or mine, please contact me directly.   We can give these boys (or girls) what they are seeking.

God bless you all,
William Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy


Help for Schools


If you are a Catholic school administrator (or thinking about starting a school), I can help you fix the problems that will cause your school to struggle and, eventually, fail.  It’s one thing to  call your school “Classical” or “Catholic”, but it’s a very different thing to actually be a Classical and Catholic school.  The books and subjects are not the only problem with modern education.

I’d like to help you understand what the sources are of the problems your school faces–and eliminate them.  I’d like to help you replace disconnected and expensive study materials with a complete, efficient curriculum that costs a fraction of what you’re paying.  I’d like to help you manage your school without the need to pay for unnecessary staff members.  I’d like to provide you with access to powerful administrative and record-keeping systems that your school probably cannot afford.  I’d like to provide expert 24/7 support for your students that doesn’t depend on your availability.  I’d like to help you manage your school with no financial risk, paying for services as you use them, after collecting tuiton.

If you’re willing to look, honestly, at the problems in modern schools and how your school can be free from them, I’d love to talk with you.


Live Support, Everyday


We bring all of the powers of modern technology into the service of our Catholic students, making sure they have help whenever they need it.  Support is not operated by inexperienced hirelings, but CLAA

  • Live Chat:  Use the button in the left menu or tab below to start a live chat.
  • Helpdesk:  Create a support in our 24/7 support system.
  • Email: Send an email with all of your questions to
  • Phone:  Contact us to schedule a phone conversation.


Secure Online Studies


In the C.L.A.A., we spare no expense in keeping our students safe online.  The programs I make available online for Catholic students are used by my own children every day and I know that they are safe and secure.  Students log in directly to our site, access all of their lessons and tools safely, and can communicate with teachers without visiting any other sites.  All study materials can be printed out for use away from the computer, so there is no need to worry about excessive “screen time”.  If you have any questions about our use of technology, please contact us.


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