New! Latin and Greek Grammar Videos

Dear friends,

Over the past several years, the majority of my attention has been devoted to my older students who, making their way through CLAA courses, have needed my help with Philosophy and Theology courses.  Because of this, I have largely neglected instruction in Latin and Greek Grammar for beginning students.  I have had no interest in attracting new students because I wanted to make sure my older students were able to progress well–and, thanks be to God, they have done so.

This week, I am beginning to produce videos that will guide students through every point of Latin and Greek Grammar–from beginning to end.  I will aim to make videos for all of the following courses:

  • Latin Grammar I-III
  • Greek Grammar I-III
  • Latin Reading I-III
  • Greek Reading I-III
  • Latin Vocabulary
  • Greek Vocabulary

I will explain every lesson with the same slide-based videos that I have used for Petty School and the recent English Reading lesson.

Families who have been around a while will remember that in 2009, I taught all of Latin Grammar I with videos, but I abandoned them when my research led me to a better text for our long-term use in the CLAA.  Those videos were very effective and led students to fluency in Latin.  The materials I produce in 2018-2019 will be better.

Expect the first video in Latin Grammar I by the end of this week.

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