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Newton's "Mathematical Principles", which is responsible for the role mathematics plays in modern studies.

Newton’s “Mathematical Principles”, which is responsible for the role mathematics plays in modern studies.

Please note that this page treats of Modern Mathematics.  For information on Classical Mathematics, see the pages describing Classical Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.

The modern mind depends upon the idea that the natural world operates in a mechanical way and that the principles of the natural world are mathematical.  This was exactly the message that Sir Isaac Newton published in his famous work, “The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” (see right), which is responsible for the modern math-centered curriculum.

While the “mechanical” world view may, in many practical cases, helpful for trying to understand and control physical changes in nature, it is inadequate to explain the creatures and their activities which depend on God’s constant governance.  We must be careful  that our opinions of the natural world do not err on the side of “mechanism” but are directed by the truth.

Despite these pitfalls, we acknowledge many benefits available to students of modern mathematical studies and offer the following courses in a way that ensures a healthy balance is maintained:

  • Practical Arithmetic I
  • Practical Arithmetic II
  • Practical Arithmetic III
  • Practical Arithmetic IV
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Higher Algebra
  • Plane & Solid Geometry
  • Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Analytic Geometry

If you have any questions about the modern mathematics courses offered by the CLAA, please contact us.