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Home School Groups

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If you lead or participate in a home school group, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy can supply instruction, assessment and support in subject areas that most home school groups are unable to provide:

  • Advanced Latin and Greek studies
  • Reasoning & Rhetoric studies
  • Classical Mathematics
  • Classical Philosophy
  • Ancient & Medieval History/Literature
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Scholastic Theology

Online Courses

Home school groups are welcome to use the CLAA’s online courses as part of their group curriculum, bringing all of the benefits of CLAA studies to their group members.  Group discounts are available.

Homeschool groups are also welcome to host their own courses on the CLAA’s LMS.


Private Instruction

The CLAA started at the request of home school groups in the Charlotte (NC) area and Mr. Michael is available for private instruction at your group location, or at our office in Monroe, NC.


If you would like more information about CLAA services for home school groups, please contact Mr. Michael at: