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Euclid (4th c. – 3rd c. BC)

In modern schools, Geometry is tacked on to the Math curriculum for no apparent reason other than to continue to check a box that was required in the past.  In the classical curriculum, however, Geometry is fundamental to the study of philosophy and theology.  First, it is the doctrine of magnitude at rest.  Second, the doctrine of Astronomy depends on it as a prerequisite.  Third, it trains the student in the demonstrative method which will be employed in the higher sciences.  It was for these reasons that Plato forbid any student to enter his famous Academy who had not first learned Geometry.

Courses Available

The study of Euclid’s Elements is a very great undertaking.  We offer courses through the first seven books:

  • Classical Geometry I
    A complete study of Book I of Euclid’s Elements.
  • Classical Geometry II
    A complete study of Book II-IV of Euclid’s Elements.
  • Classical Geometry III
    A complete study of Book V-VI of Euclid’s Elements.
  • Classical Geometry IV
    A complete study of Book VII of Euclid’s Elements.

As it is unlikely that students will progress beyond Book VII of the Elements during their formal study years, students who wish to continue their studies further will do so privately through CLAA Premium Support.