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CLAA Premium Planning

Studying the Catholic faith at home is great.  Studying the Catholic faith and the classical liberal arts at home is even greater.  Imagine if Catholic families could study the Catholic faith and the classical liberal arts at home and have the children’s daily studies planned out and managed by CLAA teachers–that would be awesome.

Well, we’re happy to announce that this is possible through the CLAA’s Student Planning service.

Students have already started working with us through custom student planners designed for CLAA students, which allow parents and teachers to collaborate to provide students with daily study tasks throughout the year.  Even more, the CLAA’s planners can include daily prayers, household chores and whatever else the parents would like to see their children focus on during the day.

How does the CLAA Student Planning service work?

We begin by providing students with a default CLAA planner, which offers our recommendations for the ideal schedule for CLAA studies.  Parents review the schedule and see whether it is possible for their children to follow and provide us with any changes that must be made to serve their family’s schedule and add any tasks that they would like their children to give attention to.  Over a few weeks, we complete the customization of the student’s planner and then, he’s off and running.  If changes need to be made, parents simply let us know and we make adjustments.  Once the planner is satisfying to the parents, Mom and Dad can direct the students to their planners each day, knowing that order and accountability are ready for them.

Students work through their planner daily, following the schedule and prescribed tasks and marking their progress as they go along.  Any time they need help, they can contact CLAA support and chat with us from their planners real-time.

No, it’s not too good to be true.  We’ve been working to provide this to Catholic families for over ten years–and it’s ready.

Is anything else included in the CLAA Student Planning service?

Yes.  All students who are subscribed to the CLAA Premium Planning service also receive the CLAA’s Student Transcript service, which is built into the service.  As we manage student planners, we maintain a running transcript of each child’s studies, providing an extraordinary record of student work available nowhere else.  Rather than a list of course titles and grades, CLAA students receive a personal, written record of their studies in each CLAA subject.

How can this help my family?

Beyond helping your children, families can use the CLAA’s planning service to keep your children close to your desired family schedule even on days when Mom and Dad are pulled away from it.  While the lives of parents are often controlled by outside factors (business, home repairs, needs of relatives, etc..), the lives of children can and should be much more orderly.  We can help make that possible.

We can also help families improve their family culture by giving recommendations on how different parts of the family schedule can be improved and working with parents and children to improve them little by little, over time.

What does the CLAA Premium Planning service cost?

As the creation, management and daily updating of each student’s planners is a time-consuming service that brings great convenience to parents, we do not offer this planning service for free.  Subscription costs $100 per month per student, which breaks down to just over $3 per day.  Parents who know how important–and difficult–it is to prepare productive work for their children to do every day will understand how valuable this service is.  If we’re honest, we’ll acknowledge the reality that our children are not doing as much work as they could and should be doing in our home schools.  We can fix that.

Even better, the CLAA is offering our Premium Planning service as a part of the CLAA Premium Family Plan.  For $250 per month, families receive the following:

  • full access to all CLAA courses for all family members
  • CLAA LMS and Google Apps accounts
  • subscription to the CLAA’s Premium Support services
  • subscription to the CLAA’s Student Planning services.
  • subscription to the CLAA’s Student Transcript services.

There’s no better package of services available anywhere to Catholic families.

If you have any questions about these programs or services, please contact William Michael at




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