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CLAA Premium Planning

Studying the Catholic faith at home is great.  Studying the Catholic faith and the classical liberal arts at home is even greater.  Imagine if Catholic families could study the Catholic faith and the classical liberal arts at home and have the children’s daily studies planned out and managed by CLAA teachers–that would be awesome. Well, […]

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Disputations Tutorial Now Available

I’m happy to announce that in 2017, I am making a Disputations Tutorial available to home school students.  This is one of the CLAA’s new Premium Academic Services, which are available by subscription only. For more information on the program, look in the CLAA online catalog under Subscriptions >> Premium Academic Services.

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CLAA Directed Study Programs

When we set out in 2008 to restore a true, classical liberal arts study program for Christian children, it was not our intention to publish courses for homeschool families.  We were asked to do that  while we were working to develop a private school in Charlotte, NC and we agreed to help with what was […]

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Support is Available!

If you’re thinking of enrolling in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, you may worried that it might be too difficult for your family.  That would probably be true for most families if they were left to themselves, but that’s not the case.  The CLAA provides families with around-the-clock support.  You can see for yourself what […]

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Private Meetings

The need for live interaction with a tutor may be necessary for many lessons and assignments.  Some assignments require oral examination, questions about language studies often need to be spoken, sometimes a tutor can easily assess how a student is doing by a few live questions.   Some parents can handle these matters themselves, seeing the requirements of the […]

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CLAA Support

We take support for students and parents seriously and invest in the best tools available to get the work done.  We’re happy to say that through the busiest time of the school year, we have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate with reply times that are a fraction of global customer service averages.  The statistics speak for […]

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Directed Studies for Petty Schoolers

I’ve been asked many times over the past few weeks whether we will be offering directed study tutorials for Petty Schoolers.  The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. The goal of the CLAA’s Petty School program is not to have professional teachers spend their time teaching children to count to 100 every day or name the letters of […]

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Support for CLAA Mothers

For many Catholic mothers, the pursuit of the classical liberal arts is off the radar as they work daily to manage cooking, cleaning, laundry, pregnancies, nursing, meal preparation–not to mention daily prayer and academic work.  While the CLAA provides elite academic resources, they are only helpful when family life can be brought into order to […]

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