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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers Christian students the opportunity to come away from the worldly cares of modern education and “seek first the kingdom of God”.  We don’t write our own books or follow new fads because the teachers our students need to learn from have already written all that needs to be written.  Our students study the same subjects, from the same books, that the wise men and saints have studied throughout history–and guess what?  They have the same results they always have.  We make sure that the “one thing necessary” remains the one thing necessary, studying the divinely inspired Scriptures, the sacred doctrine of the Church, and participating fully in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church Our Lord established to lead us safely to heaven.  We study Grammar that we may study Reasoning that we may study Philosophy, that we may live virtuously and set our minds on things above, where we can find rest for our souls.  Students who attend to these things have no trouble with the things of this world for God promises to give them to them. (Matthew 6:33)  If your idea of education is controlled by worldly anxiety, you’re neither going to understand nor appreciate the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  If, however,  you have a sincere desire to see your children seek higher and better things, then we invite you to join us in the CLAA.


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Some say the CLAA is “too hard” for “modern students” but that is false.  Any parents who desire to give their children the best possible education can succeed in doing so, because help is always available.

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  • Email: Send an email with all of your questions to
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May God bless your families and direct you in the work of educating your children!

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