As offensive as it may sound in modern society, Our Lord taught us to “Give not that which is holy to dogs” (Matthew 7:6).  True philosophy and theology are not to be made common subjects and given into the hands of any who do not pursue them with the attention and dedication they require–and deserve.

Students who are interested in preparing for a high school diploma or college admission should be given a modern K-12 education intended for such.  The classical liberal arts are not intended for such ends and will not serve them well.

Every once in a while, a student comes along with a true interest in Wisdom and it is for such a student that I offer direction and help in the study of the classical liberal arts.

If you are such a student, or are the parent of such a student, I would be very happy to help you get started and continue in these wonderful studies.  Please contact me with any questions you have and I’ll answer them carefully.  When you’re ready to begin, we’ll work together.

God bless your studies,
William Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy