The Classical Liberal Arts Academy may look intimidating at first glance. The goals are very high and the standards necessary to pursue those goals must also be set and kept very high. The tools and resources we make available to students, parents and teachers are the most powerful available today. The program has a “no nonsense” feel to it that may make it feel a bit cold and detached. However, once we move past the philosophy and goals, tools and resources, we find a very intimate school community where students and parents have direct access to me and other staff members and tutors every day. I myself am a father of 10 Catholic children, so I’m not ignorant of the challenges of daily family life. In fact, I’d argue that, in the end, the CLAA is the most personal and supportive educational program to be found, that respects individual student and family schedules, that takes flexibility and affordability seriously, and that keeps the Christian faith at the center of everything we do–and encourages students to do the same. Yes, there is a lot to learn, but we’re here to help you with every step.


To begin, I have provided an article above titled, “Getting Started“.  Once you’re through that–if you’re still interested in the CLAA–you can continue with “How to Enroll“.  Then, you’ll be off and studying, with our support services to help you and your children at every step.

Again, if you have any questions at any time, please ask.  Help is always available.

William Michael, Owner

Words of the Wise

“Nothing is more common in an age like this, when books abound, than to fancy that the gratification of a love of reading is real study.”    – John Henry Newman

“He who thinks that he has left behind him any art in writing, and he who receives it in the belief that anything in writing will be clear and certain, would be an utterly simple person. Written words are of no use except to remind him who knows the matter about which they are written.”  – Socrates

“In these days when the natural sciences absorb so much study, the more severe and lofty studies have been proportionately neglected; some of them have almost passed into oblivion, some of them are pursued in a half-hearted or superficial way, and, sad to say, now that they are fallen from their old estate, they have been disfigured by perverse doctrines and monstrous errors.”– Pope Leo XIII

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