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As Catholic parents, you are seeking to provide your children with an education that is timeless and trustworthy, which has been studied and taught by history’s wisest and best men.  That education is not found in modern schools, but in the classical liberal arts.

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works with parents, pastors and private schools to provide Catholic children with the best possible education.  Whether you are looking for courses for a high school student or making preparations for a preschoolers, we can provide you with simple solutions that will satisfy any requirements at any level of study.


Get Started Today

Enrollment is always open for independent study using the CLAA’s online courses, and students can get started at any time.  We recommend new families read the following pages, which provide all the basic information families need to get started:

Families interested in directed studies can get started at the beginning of any term.

  • Winter Term begins  January 9, 2017
  • Spring Term begins April 24, 2017
  • Fall Term begins September 11, 2017

If you need help, we’re happy to get you set up and started.  Contact us and we’ll walk you through every detail.


Live Help

Some say the CLAA is “too hard” for “modern students” but that is false.  Any parents who desire to give their children the best possible education can succeed in doing so, because help is always available.

  • Live Chat:  Use the button in the left menu or tab below to start a live chat.
  • Helpdesk:  Create a support in our 24/7 support system.
  • Email: Send an email with all of your questions to
  • Phone:  Contact us to schedule a phone conversation.

May God bless your families and direct you in the work of educating your children.

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