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St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)


At the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our goals are very clear.  We are working to restore traditional standards of Christian education and remove all excuses from parents, schools and parishes whose neglect has deprived millions of Christian children with an education that is insufficient for the Christian life.

Without the comfort of the Sacred Scriptures (Romans 15:4), formal instruction in Christian doctrine and sound philosophical instruction, Christian children are left vulnerable to temptations and deceptions that very few are able overcome.  The falling away of so many Catholics–numbering in the tens of millions in America–should warn us that something is wrong.  Continuing down the same path is inexcusable–especially when timeless and trustworthy Christian education is again available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

We don’t talk much about future vocations, college admission, career planning or anything else that the world is anxious about because God has assured us that if we “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all these things shall be added unto us.” (Matthew 6:33).   Only when we take care of the “one thing necessary”, can we hope that our children’s future will be blessed.

Where to Begin

The CLAA offers families a great number of excellent courses and academic services, but new students should begin with the courses listed below.  These are our most popular courses, which have been enjoyed by thousands of students.  New students should not enroll in more than 4 courses, and we recommend that new families start an older student in Catholic Catechism as the best possible starting point.

Petty School

The CLAA provides a number of popular courses for pre-school children ages 0-8.  These courses are intended to prepare children for entrance into the CLAA’s core courses below:

I.  Religion

II.  Trivium (Language Arts)

III.  Quadrivium (Mathematics)

IV.  Enrichment Courses


In addition to this public website, CLAA students and parents enjoy access to the same online tools used by the world’s best colleges and universities.  Course lists, lessons, quizzes, exams, grades and messages are all managed in one place online.   Plus the CLAA’s Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) is secure, backed up multiple times each day and updated regularly by a worldwide team of developers collaborating to make the benefits of new technological developments available to our students.


We know that you need more information than can be provided on a single web page.  All enrollment, curriculum and financial questions are answered directly by Mr. William Michael, the CLAA’s founding director.  Please contact us by whatever means you prefer below.

  • Live Chat:  Use the button in the left menu to chat with Mr. Michael (when available)
  • Email: Send an email with all of your questions to
  • Phone:  Call Mr. Michael directly at (704) 249-8053.

We also invite you to visit the CLAA Family Forum, where Mr. Michael and CLAA parents and students are happy to help with questions.

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