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Home School Courses

New to the CLAA?  Use the coupon code “new2016”  and receive 50% off your first enrollments.   Timeless and trustworthy home school courses that are affordable and flexible aren’t easy to find.  Whether you’re looking for a complete set of courses for an elementary school student or a Latin course for a high schooler, the CLAA offers […]

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Private Meetings

The need for live interaction with a tutor may be necessary for many lessons and assignments.  Some assignments require oral examination, questions about language studies often need to be spoken, sometimes a tutor can easily assess how a student is doing by a few live questions.   Some parents can handle these matters themselves, seeing the requirements of the […]

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CLAA Support

We take support for students and parents seriously and invest in the best tools available to get the work done.  We’re happy to say that through the busiest time of the school year, we have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate with reply times that are a fraction of global customer service averages.  The statistics speak for […]

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Directed Studies for Petty Schoolers

I’ve been asked many times over the past few weeks whether we will be offering directed study tutorials for Petty Schoolers.  The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. The goal of the CLAA’s Petty School program is not to have professional teachers spend their time teaching children to count to 100 every day or name the letters of […]

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Support for CLAA Mothers

For many Catholic mothers, the pursuit of the classical liberal arts is off the radar as they work daily to manage cooking, cleaning, laundry, pregnancies, nursing, meal preparation–not to mention daily prayer and academic work.  While the CLAA provides elite academic resources, they are only helpful when family life can be brought into order to […]

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7 Objectives for Home School Meetings

The pursuit of Wisdom is a private undertaking and all wise men have been characterized by a love of solitude.  The idea that Socrates was a man who learned by discussion denies the obvious fact that his dialogues are not real, living dialogues but the contents of books written by Plato to be read.  The conversation of Socrates was not […]

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What are the Categories?

The art of reasoning is studied in the series of books published by Aristotle, which, taken together, are called the “Organon“.  This word organon means “instrument” or “method” by which Wisdom is to be sought.  Yeah, that should seem pretty important. The first book of the Organon is titled, in English, “Categories”. What are the […]

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The Key to Mastery

    In modern schools, students are bounced through 1,001 subjects, rarely attaining mastery in any of them because of an error at the foundation of modern education.  Modern schools are built on the idea that encyclopedic knowledge is the goal of learning.  A little of this, a little of that, collecting bits and pieces of […]

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